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The Peace Therapy Box was formulated to give all moms a little motivation to stop and take some time for herself and find some peace. With all the chaos and craziness that comes with motherhood, finding 15 minutes to be in peace is important for a mother's mental, spiritual and physical well-being. 

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The peaceful items included in the Refresh Therapy Box:

Flower Power Bath Soak

The Flower Power bath soak is a blend of beneficial salts including Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan, European Spa and Epsom. Each of these salts is great on its own but combined you get all the benefits you could want from a salt soak. But it doesn't stop there, the soak also has a bouquet of dried flower petals - lavender, rose, calendula and cornflower. The scent is a celebration of patchouli, cinnamon and cedarwood, which is sure to get you in touch with your inner flower child.

Peaceful Mama Tea

This tea is intended for anxious and tired pregnant mamas but we found that this tea is actually perfect for the everyday mom. We have a lot going on in our minds and we spend a lot of time running around.  Made with USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Kosher herbal blend this Peaceful Mama Tea combines calming herbs in a delicious blend to help ease a mom’s busy head and agitated body.

Peace Aromatherapy Perfume Roll-on

Bring a sense of peace, calm, and femininity to your day. This Peace Perfume has an intoxicating essential oils blend of lavender, lemon, frankincense and geranium rose.. It also has snow and grey quartz crystals, dried rose petals, dried lavender, and dried calendula petals. The moisturizing base is sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E. This roll-on is the perfect size to keep in your purse whenever you need a quick minute of peace. 

(Free of dyes and synthetic fragrances)

YumEarth Worm Gummies

Made with delicious fruity flavors, these gummy worms are a tasty, guilt-free way to enjoy a quick break. Delicious fruit flavors include Pomegranate Pucker, Mango Tango and Perfectly Peach. Made with organic, non-GMO ingredients with no nuts, dairy or gluten. 



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    • Therapy Boxes are only available for shipping in the US at this time.
    • Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition before using any of these products. 

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