Revive Bath Soaks

Enjoy a relaxing, warm bath with one of these yummy bath soaks by Revive. These soaks contain natural and plant-based oils and are only scented with high quality essential oils. No use of any chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, chemically made fragrances, or mineral oil.

Lavender Milk & Oatmeal Bath Soak
◦Ingredients: Buttermilk Powder: moisturizes & soothes the skin, Colloidal Oatmeal: moisturizes & protects the skin, Lavender: soothing, relaxes the mind & body.
◦Details: Relax your mind and body with the power of natural lavender essential oil while moisturizing with buttermilk and colloidal oats.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Soak
◦Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers: Firms and lifts the skin, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt: Contains 84 minerals, Sea Salts: Mineral rich, release toxins & revitalizes the skin
Epsom Salt: Ease minor aches & pains.
◦Details: The Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Soak contains so many minerals, your skin will really be revived after soaking in this stuff!

Alfalfa Muscle Soak
◦Ingredients: Alfalfa Leaf Powder: vitamin & mineral rich, soothes muscles, Sea Salts: mineral rich, release toxins & revitalize the skin, Epsom Salt: ease minor aches & pains, Lavender: soothing, relaxes the mind & body
◦Details: This relaxing muscle soak can help sooth aches and pains along with relaxing your mind.


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